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Some people ask about my dogs and say, how are those hounds doing? Dogs are said to be descended from wolves and so hence the name. Wolfhound Rottweilers, a breed apart from the rest of the herd.

                                                                       The Ghost And The Darkness 

Belle is from Los Angeles California, she lays on my bed at night and watches over me as I sleep.

Rico is from Stone Mountain Georgia and protects the exterior of my home 24/7.

                                                                               Belle and Rico 2015


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                                                        Puppy pictures from previous litters.

German Rottweiler's in Georgia. Belle's puppies.

Rudy's song, in the arms of an angel.

The summer of gold.                                                                                        Rudy.

                                                     My buddy Rudy, the summer of gold.

Rudy had been dropped off at a veterinary clinic to be put down when my brothers phone rang and the voice on the other end of the line said Michael, do you want a Rottweiler? Yes, he replied since his rottie Brutus had been gone for some years. Rudy was leery of strangers and he barked and growled at the lady as she ushered him into the backseat of her convertible for the 200 plus mile journey up into the sierra Nevada mountains of northern California. Michael and Rudy spent much of that winter snowed in together in the fifth wheel camper on his property. At first the dog growled but eventually the Rottweiler accepted him and they became friends. I had not seen my brother in years and when the snow broke in the spring I drove 3000 plus miles across country to visit for two weeks which quickly stretched into three when we were unexpectedly snowed in during a sudden storm. I called my boss back home and let him know that I actually didn't know when I would be back due to the circumstances and he said take all the time that you need. When the roads were finally clear I started to leave but as I looked at my brother I realized that time is precious and perhaps I should stay. When I had initially arrived at my brothers gate from the long drive he hadn't actually been home, Rudy however walked up to meet me and the surprising thing was that he did not bark or growl as he usually did. I believe that he sensed the family connection of brotherhood. Springtime was dredging season in California back then as it had been for many years until the government outlawed the recreational sport later on. My brother and I spent the summer of 2007 camped out on the north fork of the Yuba river in a very remote and secluded location with Rudy. It was God's country as my grandfather used to call it, Peaceful and serene. We pitched our tent on a sandy beach and rolled out our sleeping bags. Our days were spent fishing, swimming, hiking, barbecuing, and dredging for gold underwater while the dog would guard our camp. I always shared my food with the Rottweiler and for some reason we bonded. Rudy would come into the tent at night and lay next to my sleeping bag, he would follow me wherever I went. One day a bear came into our camp to take our food and Rudy charged at him, snarling and growling, challenging the bear to a fight. That dog drove the bear away. Rottweiler's are fearless animals who will fight to the death to protect their owners. My brother said Rudy is your dog Steven, he bonded with you when he barks and growls at everyone else, he is your dog. We had formed an inseparable bond. As the summer months changed into fall we continued to camp there as long as we could until the winter storms drew near.            

Whenever I drove into town for supplies Rudy always went along with me, even into the public Laundromat to wash clothes. I would buy us each an ice cream sandwich and he would wolf his down. We locked up the fifth wheel and the gate on the driveway just before the snow season began and headed down to San Jose to work for the winter. We shared an apartment where I slept on the couch in the living room, Rudy would always sleep on the floor right next to me. I took a job as a plumber and began repiping houses. The work days were long and tedious crawling around in the muck and the mud down in the crawl spaces. In the evenings I would come home to find Rudy waiting for me in the fenced back yard. We would walk to the park and play fetch with tennis balls. One day I came home from work and opened the front door, Rudy was not there to greet me, I called his name but he did not respond. I walked out into the back yard to look but my dog was gone, my buddy, my friend, my Rudy.      

I went to the places that we used to go,

the hiking trails past the ponds and the ducks,

I looked for you in every dog that I saw,

I even called your name,

but you were not there, my buddy, my friend.

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