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Alchemy Vintage Books Collection 114 PDF E-Books/Manuscripts 1 DVD Rosicrucians, Hermetism; Freemasonry; Freemasons; Occultism, Old books on disc

You will receive an interesting mix of books on alchemy covering a fantastic array of subjects: secret mysteries, ancient alchemy, bibliotheca chemical, various treaties, manuscripts (Hermetism; Freemasonry; Freemasons; Occultism; Rosicrucians), and much more!
More than 28000* Pages! 114 E-books in PDF Format! 1 Data DVD! You will need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader. You might get marks, scratches, some text written on it (usually pencil), all sort of things which were done to the books by the Public in the library during the last 100 years. 99% of the pages & illustrations/drawings are intact
E-books are in 4 languages: English, German, Italian, Latin (please bear in mind that, a title in English does not appear in German and other languages, a title in German does not appear in English and other languages). Titles on the DVD are shorter than original in the listing (containing mainly the title + year, no subtitle), but you can match them easily with our listing.
Please bear in mind that Manuscripts are scans of handwritten pages, combined into volumes, number of pages varies from volume to volume, from min.17 to max.994, majority of them are between 100 - 300 pages per volume. They contain lots of beautiful drawings. Some of the pages are very bright. You will receive 1 NEW DVD with artwork (as shown on the picture) in plastic sleeve (no BOX included).
For full list of titles, please check product gallery. These are not paper-white copies of e-books, some of these titles are 100-150 years old, and these pdf's are scans of the original books. Please note this DVD is for use in a computer that has a DVD optical drive, it will not work in a traditional DVD player that is connected to a television. Files can be printed and/or transferred to tablets/phones/other devices.




The Hydrolaten, destillierten water or Spagyrischen Tinkturen. Gelinde Zirkulierende vaporisation, in a Zimmerwarmen

 Glasequipment Alchemistische. Spagyrische. alchemie



alchemie stein des philosophen

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The Truth of the Philosopher’s Stone or Magnalia Naturae is a story about a search for the philosopher’s stone. It is about an Austrian friar named Wenceslaus Seilerus, who searches to transmute stone into precious metals. According to Dr. Becher’s account, the friar truly did manage to turn stone into precious metals and this story is the record of Wenceslaus Seilerus’ alchemical achievement.



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