Secret fire alchemy


The secret fire of alchemy has been described as a mysterious secret substance without which one supposedly cannot perform the great work of the magnum opus. This clear and volatile astral spirit was mentioned in the writings of Michael sendivogius as a heavenly water, not wetting the hands. Other medieval alchemists called it the secret key which opens the lock in the realm of primitive metallurgy as well as the key which dissolves this lock, and the key to the whole art of alchemy. There are said to be a set of keys since there are three main sections to the ancient and mysterious hermetic science being the plant and animal realms followed by the mineral kingdom which is said to contain the highest secrets in the entire art. In the writings of John pontanus he speaks about focusing upon the search for the secret water saying that it perfects the entire work all by itself and in little time, without this he says nothing can be accomplished in the great work. Pontanus further suggests to look to the writings of Artephius in his secret book for a clue to what this water is for it is said to be encoded within the words written in artephius pages and so it is. These pass keys to the three realms of hermetic alchemy are considered by many to be the alchemical menstruums used for each type of work which is another great clue in identifying the secret fire of alchemy.     

The key which unlocks the metals.




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